Reviews for Mortal Kombat ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 7 / 10

Dumb fun

I am not quite sure why many are going into this movie expecting some "Grade A" writing and pacing. This is literally a Mortal Kombat movie you know what you are going to get and it gave what was needed good entertainment and fighting and brutality. I didn't start up Mortal Kombat on my HBOMax expecting some amazing award-winning plot or writing I came for the fights and characters. I am not sure what a lot were expecting out of this its Mortal Kombat lol also the fight choreography was really well done I am not sure what in the world some are talking about.

Entertaining movie and pretty much what I expected.

A good movie

I really enjoyed the fights,the dialogues, and the customs, looking forward for the next movie.

A great tribute to the game!

I'm by no means a Mortal Kombat expert but it was one of my favorite games to play as a kid, back on a Super Nintendo! ?? But I have also enjoyed playing the newer MK games on newer devices as well. The games now are very graphic, and the movie delivers on that as well. I love that the characters say lines from the game like "Flawless Victory" and "Kano wins!" I really don't understand why anyone watching it would be upset with that. Have you guys ever even played the game? Kano was hilarious. I did want a little more from Mileena. Scorpion and Sub Zero were amazing! Great fight scenes! I'd definitely recommend this movie.


The movie was fun and entertaining, but without hiroyuki sanada and Joe taslim, this movie is nothing... :-)

Good implementing of the genre

Somewhat cartoonish as one would expect. Slightly miscast, but it works for this movie. All and all a good one to view.

Ow yeahh

AMAZIIIIIING need the sequel and more characters :D.

"Boredom Wins. Flawless Victory. MEDIOCRITALITY!"

I will start with the positive. The opening and closing scenes of this film are excellent!

Focusing on Scorpion and Sub-zero's story was a solid high point that showcased the best this film had to offer as far as acting performances, fight choreography and interesting plot premise.

Unfortunately, the 90+ minutes that occur between these 2 scenes are dull in comparison!

Immediately after the exhilarating opening scene, we get introduced to brand new character; Cole Young.

As a character, Cole is just blah! Boring. Un-interesting. A down-and-out underdog with no real purpose other than functioning as a major buzz-kill everytime he's on screen.

Basically - Cole sucks!!!

If the writers wanted to add a new character - at least make him interesting so the audience gives a s*!t about him!

I would love to say that Cole is the worst thing about this film but unfortunately the "bad" doesn't end with him.

Other MK faves are pointlessly inserted throughout the film just so the audience can say "hey, it's Kabal - there he is" or "ooh, no! Here comes Goro" but serve no real purpose outside of this!

Rayden and Shang Tsung literally could have been played by anyone!

They had NO personality whatsoever!

Rayden could barely speak english and delivered his dialogue like it was a dress rehearsal for an amature theatre production.

Shang Tsung was a generic TV villain straight out of Power Rangers!

No black contact lenses could make up for the lack of "menace" about him.

This film desperately needed Cary Tagawa back in the role of Shang Tsung - his charisma and menacing grimace was a stand-out of the 1995 original film.

Heck - his performance was so good that they bought him back for MK11!

Why not this film?!

Outside of Sub-zero and Scorpion - the only likeable character in this film is Kano!

He gets the best dialogue of all characters (I suspect much of it is improvised), had he not been in the film - that 90 minutes between the intro and ending would have been an absolute snore-fest!

I realise I'm sounding overly harsh here but the thing is - Im a long time MK fan.

I grew up with the original game trilogy, read the comics and watched the film's.

I'm an MK fan for life and this film was an insult to MK fans everywhere!

People say we need to turn our brain's off to enjoy these types of film's - but there's a difference between turning off your brain and having to get a labotomy to enjoy a movie!

Very dissapointing.

I hope that a sequel brings in a new team of (creative) writers, a more competent Director and that they kill off Cole within Act 1 as it would be a huge disservice having a non-canon plank of wood win the tournament!

Finally a respectable MK film!

I see alot of other reviews saying that there wasn't a need for Cole and this and that. But I thought I was fantastic! I've been a fan of MK since the release of the 1st game. And everything done up to this point has been sub par to say the least. This movie, while yes having some cheese here and there and a couple plot holes and could've done this or that, I feel was a great story and very well executed. And for the addition of Cole. MK has introduced new characters all the time!. So why not introduce a new one? Especially one that helps tell the story and explain how this or that happens? Haha. All in all. I love it! Above and beyond better than the 1st 2 live action MK movies!!

Just a mess.

Nothing campy or fun just spiteful and awkward interactions. No coherent story, character arcs or continuity towards original material. No distinctive sets or character design. I couldn′t draw one silluette or set outline from memory. Adding their own plain and unrelatable main character while others are missing. Uncomfortable undertones of "white" man bad. I guess that′s what happens when you are too busy checking boxes from some data sheet to actually tell a compelling story. CGI team did a good job. Glad I didn′t pay anything. Sad to see it.

Disappointed! Not what I expected.

Fight was good from beginning of the movie but it got worse all the way throughout the movie. Sub-Zero & Scorpion was the only two character characters who played most of the role and was great throughout most of the movie and the rest no I have no idea... everything seems to be everywhere! I love Mortal Kombat since I was a kid and it could of been better.

Freaking awesome!!!!

When scorpion says "get over here" and the mortal kombat music starts playing, that gave me chills!!!! I hope we do get the trilogy, seeing your childhood on the screen is always perfection.

Love the remake

Have been playing the game since MK1. Legacy must go on.

7 for nostalgia 6 for a movie as a whole

I believe I was 12 years old when the first Mortal Kombat came out at the arcades, I would stand in lines meticulously destroying my competition. Watching this movie brought back memories that I hadn't thought about since I was young . To make this short, The nostalgia was perfect, they had all the old champions with a few new mixed in..The beginning was awesome, I really thought it was going to be a different Mortal Kombat movie, However, the beginning is the only drama you see after that its all fights. WHICH WERE AWESOME, but for people looking to see some sort of drama or decent script writing it falls very short.

Bit of a disappointment to be honest.

Terrible acting, mediocre film all round, but what's unforgiveable is the well below average fight choreography, especially from. Lewis Tan (who can't act at all).

The only saving grace for this movie was. Josh Lawson as Kano, who was genuinely quite funny and actually a very likeable character, but the rest of it was pretty bad, the original movie was better.

Very disappointed, this movie will absolutely not stand the test of time...forgettable.

Solid 7. Maybe some slight spoilers

Faithful to the game as far as fatalities go. Faithful to the Sub-Zero and Scorpion rivalry. Action packed, great fighting choreography, acting was good. What it lacked was the tournament. It seemed the story and script was overwhelmed by the decades of story from the game. It needs sequels to complete what I watched. It seems they set up for one. It made me feel like this movie was made to set up more. Overall they stayed faithful, and developed a movie lovers of the franchise cannot ignore to love. Gore, funny, action.

Solid movie on the "Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter" scale

First things first - I'm super pissed they didn't yell MOORRTTAALLLL KOOMMMBBAAATTT" even once during the movie. I waited to hear it and was so disappointed *insert thug tear here*

Moving on, I thought the movie was solid!! Seeing some of my faves (like Scorpion, Raiden and Sub-Zero) took me back to my youth when I spent hours playing Mortal Kombat, trying to hit fatalities on the wretched Sega controller. It's gory and now that I'm a bit older it can be hard to watch but I knew what to expect going in. All in all MK had great fight scenes, so-so character development and tons of nostalgia. You can't go into these movies thinking they will be Oscar worthy or you'll be disappointed.

As they said in Gladiator - I was, in fact, quite entertained and am looking forward to the next one!

Love it

Love the movie I hope they keep making more to come and they r amazing.


Amazing! Everything is excellent and great!

I thought that it would be medium, but it was excellent.

Finally a Rated R Mortal Kombat!! And it was great

Violent and gory, just like the game! Non stop action. Great fights and a ton of blood. Nicely paced and I love that it harkens to parts of the game. You'll love it!

Best movie of all time - if you played the games, it doesn't disappoint.

There were many moments where I was clapping in the theatre and the rest of the audience joined in!!! Flawless victory!!!

I got goosebumps watching it. So many great moments!!

If you love the games, you won't be disappointed. This is now my favorite movie of all time.