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Drama | History
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7 / 10 
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Directors: Percy Adlon [Director] ,

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In Wittelbacherpalais, Munich's prison and Gestapo center, middle-aged Else Gebel awaits trial for carrying anti-Nazi material. She serves as a clerk in the Gestapo office. On Thursday, 18 February 1943, two youths arrive at the prison, arrested for carrying anti-Reich pamphlets and suspected of dropping leaflets from the university tower and painting anti-Hitler signs along Ludwigstra?e: Sophie, 21, and her brother Hans, 24 and back from the Russian front. Sophie is housed with Else, and for five days, as Sophie is interrogated and charges brought, the women form a bond based on simple interactions: poetry, tea, shared clothing, courage, love of freedom, and a promise Else gives Sophie.


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Compelling drama about the last 5 days of a Nazi protestor...

1st watched 10/28/1999 - 7 out of 10(Dir-Percy Adlon): Compelling drama about the last 5 days of a Nazi protestor before her execution and the relationship she builds with another inmate who hasn't been given the death sentence.Focus is put on the strength & conviction of the young girl despite her enivitable demise.

Great movie about youth.

Outstanding film. More like a play than a movie. Coupled with the excellent movie, "The White Rose", this film adds to the tale of Sophie Scholl and the underground student resistance movement at Munich University in 1942 - 1943. The acting is superb. And from what I have found out through interviews of people who were there; realistic. This film is easy to find in Philadephia at TLA. Hopefully, it is easy to find elsewhere.
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