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108 min
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5.7 / 10 
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Directors: Abel Ferrara [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Filmmaker Eddie Israel is staring to shoot "The Mother of Mirrors," starring Francis Burns and Sarah Jennings. "The Mother of Mirrors" is the story of the last night of a couple falling into decay. Eddie is very demanding with the actors, and the film's heavy atmosphere acts upon the protagonists' daily lives.


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Attempt at Artsy That Never Makes It!

Madonna has never been an actress. That's really not in question in this movie either. She's a media draw. The movie tries to be dark and artistic. It ends up dark and... Something. The acting is okay but the characters they play are all mixed up in their real-life personas, their characters in the movie and the characters in the film. None of them are done well.


Psychological drama within a drama, centered around a film shoot, where the line between reality and the film's story start to blur.

Lousy movie

I don't like this movie because it is very depressing. And I also don't like it because it's not a happy movie. Plus there is violence and rape in this movie which is very bad. And some of the scenes are too dark to see what's going on.
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