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Action | Adventure
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23.976 fps
English 5.1  
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84 min
IMDB Rating:
7.8 / 10 
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Directors: Jeff Wamester [Director] ,

Movie Description:
The Justice Society of America , a group of heroes aiding the allies in World War 2, acquire an ally from the future who sends them on an adventure that changes history.


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Gave it an extra star for a Henry Cavil Mustache Appearance

DC: Please stop this. Go back to the other animation style and approach, the DCAU was a wonderful thing from the get go. You've given us two new movies in this new vein and it's awful.

I did not enjoy the animation.

The action was boring, some early wonder woman scenes are good, but when it gets to the "climax" or other fights it is just underwhelming.

The story is a crappy screenplay slap in the face to a ton of good source material. Why reinvent the wheel as a square?

Count how many moments of long silences there are in this. It's weird.

So dull. No one involved in this movie seem to care. The scriptwriters, the actors, even the animation is uninspired.

Hot Garbage

The animation style is overly simplistic, think low end anime at a higher frame rate. The character development is non existent. It was finally great to see previously unused characters take the spotlight but this "reboot" of the animated universe is off to a terrible start; visually, terrible choices in voice actors (why does WW sound like she is from the Soviet block?), and an overly complex storyline they rushed through in 90 minutes. I had high hopes for this reboot, but so far, I am sadly unimpressed.
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